Brown Audio Visual Services

Enhancing Your Event With First-Rate Audiovisual Equipment

Get high-quality audiovisual equipment from Brown AV. Along with offering event rental services, we also keep you updated on all the latest technologies to level up your presentation. We can provide you with everything you need to conduct your programs successfully.

We cover events including, but not limited to:

Business Meetings
Team Building
Product Launches
Web Stringing/Hybrid Events
Video Camera
Microphone and Stand

Conveniently Priced Rentals

To make things convenient, we provide you with a large selection of equipment that you can rent for your parties and events. Our available equipment includes, but is not limited to:

Audio Equipment

  • Audio Mixer
  • Digital Recorder (MP3 Format)
  • Executive Podium Microphone
  • Six-Channel Press Pool
  • Standard Wired Microphone
  • Two-Speaker Sound System
  • Wireless Microphone (Handheld or Lavalier)

Video Equipment

  • 50 Inch HD Monitor
  • 65 Inch HD Monitor
  • 75 Inch HD Monitor
  • 85 Inch HD Monitor

Computer Display Equipment

  • 65-Inch Computer Display Monitor
  • 50-Inch Computer Display Monitor
  • 3,500-Lumen LCD Data Projector
  • 5,000-Lumen LCD Data Projector
  • 7,000-Lumen DLP LCD Data Projector
  • 10,000-Lumen DLP LCD Data Projector
  • Video Wall of various sizes

General Presentation Equipment

  • 4-Foot by 8-Foot Cork Poster Board
  • 6-Foot to 8-Foot Tripod Screens
  • 10-Foot “C” Screen
  • 32-Inch Carts With Drapes
  • 54-Inch Carts With Drapes
  • Sign Easel
  • Standard Flip Chart Pad


We specialize in all aspects of lighting, from decorative to corporate events. Call us for specific needs.